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Get The Facts Free... On Domain & Website Analysis

A professional opinion is exactly what every webmaster needs when negotiating on buying or selling domains. Getting the facts and arming yourself prior to the purchase or sale of a domain name simply gives you more control and more money in your pocket.

Every sale is important in business no matter if you are buying or selling as the bottom line is the potential profits. Use our free domain stats tool for all your domains & websites.

Asset vs Liability

The most important part of your domain name portfolio is knowing which are assets? Which are liabilities? Having a professional domain appraisal will give you the knowledge of what your domain assets are worth as well as which domains should be sold off as they may be affecting your bottom line and asset value.

Let's face it, if you owned a rental property and every year you were losing money wouldn't it be nice to know why? Virtual Real Estate is no different!

Need Complete Domain Analysis?

We examine industry trends, current market conditions, traffic and how it is generated which make a huge impact on any domain value. All this information is obtained manually and up to date and cannot be done through any automated free domain appraisal service online.

We Do The Research

Depending upon which appraisal you have purchased will directly affect the research factors that are used. Our expert appraisers monitor all research information for accuracy, integrity and consistency.

Comparable Analysis is a big part of our domain analysis process, such as CPC (cost per click) advertising cost and keyword search volume. Your domain is compared to current market trends, sales, traffic volume and much more.

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Recently Appraised Alexa Pagerank Worth Updated 50,455 $ 439,680.00 1 hour ago N/A $ 24.95 2 hours ago N/A $ 24.95 15 hours ago N/A $ 24.95 1 day ago 398 $ 59,184,000.00 2 days ago 950,063 $ 1,920.00 2 days ago N/A $ 24.95 3 days ago 173,744 $ 105,600.00 3 days ago N/A $ 24.95 4 days ago N/A $ 24.95 4 days ago